We got married at 4.00pm local time, around 1am GMT. The ceremony took place at the Little Chapel of Flowers. If you would like to watch the wedding please click on link above.

Unfortunately we will not be having a wedding reception. Because of this we also do not have a wedding list, however if anyone does want to purchase something for us, please send us Argos vouchers. (Not sure of our address click here to email us)
The big day went off without a hitch. Karen had her hair done and got dressed in her sisters room. This meant the first time I got to see her was 20 Mins before the Limo turned up. She was beautiful. The chapel was very nice and the ceremony was performed very well by the Minister. All the photos were taken and then we went by limo to the Venetian to an Italian restaurant for our wedding meal, compliments of my new in-laws.